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Chemical Cleaning Products

chemical cleaning products

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chemical cleaning products - Blue Eagle

Blue Eagle Industrial Strength Drain Cleaner

Blue Eagle Industrial Strength Drain Cleaner

Did you know that FOG (fats, oils & grease) is the largest contributor to drain line and sewage system clogs? FOG can come from many sources other than food preparation which are often overlooked such as shampoos, makeup and oils from our skin which are rinsed right down our bathroom drain lines. Blue Eagle Industrial Strength Drain Cleaner is a proven biological solution that prevents common industrial, kitchen and household drainage issues. FOG acts as a binding agent that lines our pipes and gradually accumulates buildup of hair, organic matter, and other solids. This build-up slows the normal flow of water and promotes clogs. In commercial kitchens this often is the main culprit of drain blockages and offensive odors. Our 100% natural blend of microbes creates a preventative bio-shield on the walls of pipes re-mediating existing and resisting further buildup. Blue Eagle Industrial Strength Drain Cleaner colonizes drain lines and grease traps with beneficial microbes which literally eats the FOG (fats, oils & grease) leaving behind only water and carbon dioxide.

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Giant Bottle of Chemical Cleaner

Giant Bottle of Chemical Cleaner

You know those powerful cleaners designed to dissolve away rust, the hair clogging drain pipes, and in some cases pesky skid marks? The ones whose components are so powerful they have to be kept separate until the very end so as not to cause a fight? You know the kind of chemicals I'm talking about, don't you?

Personally, I have to wonder how many buildings--erm--stains you could melt with that bottle of cleaner!

Poisoned by everyday use chemicals

Poisoned by everyday use chemicals

Like perfume, detergent, fabric softener, paint, air fresheners, cleaning products, hairspray, heated plastic equipment, smoke, car fumes, industrial pollution... It's called Multiple Chemical Sensitivities Syndrome

chemical cleaning products

chemical cleaning products

Outers Universal 15-Piece Deluxe Wooden Cleaning Kit

Outers is excited to offer a full line of attractive, wooden specialty kits to perform cleanings quickly and effectively. Each kit is specifically created to work on all different calibers and gauges, as well as for all gun types, and boast an attractive full wood grain appearance for years of enjoyment. This universal brass rod kit, with over 15 cleaning tools, has a little bit of everything to keep your gun clean. The kit includes a handsome wooden storage case, custom parts organizer, 3 solid brass rods (rifle, pistol and shotgun), 5 bronze brushes (22-cal, 30-cal, 38-cal, 12-ga, 20-ga), 3 slotted patch loops (.22/270-cal, .30-45-cal, all-gauge), 2 spear pointed jags (.22/270-cal, 30-cal), 25 micro-fiber absorbent patches, silicone gun cloth, Outers Nitro Solvent Gun Cleaner (2 oz), Outers Gun Oil (2 oz), and shotgun accessory adaptor.

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chemical cleaning products

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