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How To Clean My Glasses

how to clean my glasses

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  • (glass) a brittle transparent solid with irregular atomic structure

  • A pair of lenses set in a frame resting on the nose and ears, used to correct or assist defective eyesight or protect the eyes

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    how to
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Good Clean Sensor

Good Clean Sensor

When I picked up my 20D I thought it's care would be similar to that of my Panasonic FZ20. Keep it in a case... don't drop it, etc. Hmph.

Then in the last couple weeks I noticed some specks on my shots, and at first it wasn't a big deal, but as I've been looking for deeper depth of field these specks showed up more often. What was it? I started reading numerous posts on flickr about DUST being on an SLR's sensor. How to avoid it, what precautions to take - and then the discussion of CLEANING IT.

I took the camera in to have it's sensor cleaned. Hey - I don't want to scratch the thing that picks up light. $35, picked it up the next day and took some shots. Brought it right back and asked them to do it again. Took three times more in their shop before I left happier. Took some more shots and I was back to reading about the infamous and near fatal task of CLEANING YOUR OWN SENSOR.

If you want an opinion on anything you will find it with photography. If you want even more energetic 'chit chat' do a search on SENSOR DUST.

I thought about it and have read quite a bit on it - the sensor on the 20D's sensor has a protective filter on it. It's made of glass to according to numerous reads. I even found a page discussing how to replace this filter with another for infrared photography. This delicate little sensor, with a hardness of glass became less and less of a holy grail.

PLUS, I NEVER READ ANY POST FROM ANYONE THAT ACTUALLY SCRATCHED their sensor - just that it would cost an arm & leg to repair/replace.

I went with the Visible Dust product based on some discussions and a quick read on Luminous Landscapes.

I used a pure white image in photoshop as my subject to find the dust. Set the aperature to f/22 on my 50mm and snapped away.

First attempt at cleaning: No change.
Second attempt: Some dust gone, some dust either moved or added.
Third attempt: Dust gone to my satisfaction, at least at 10PM at night. I found that holding the brush at less of an angle and closer to 90 degrees worked better.

So, just some food for thought from an amateur photography hobbiest. If you're not comfortable in doing it then don't, but... So far so good here.



it's quite funny how nowadays photography and the optical impression of social crossroads (television, printmedia) seemed to have turned to utter clean almost aseptic pictures - i'm deliberately excluding its verbal codes - avoiding any possible disturbance regarding noise or distortions, qualitywise and contentwise - sure, there always have been anachronistic turns with real and improvised analogue influences (holga) but over all we approached a race of clinical sterility in my eyes.

but doesn't the exact opposite stand for life, for slow decay: the rather change, inheriting modulation; the state of vagueness, of non-fixation, of influenceability, of persuasibility and therefore its consequences and their impacts?

have a nice day

how to clean my glasses

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